Ann hShal

handmade with love


Working process

2.Choosing the materials 
5.Filling with sintepon
7.Packing and shipping
8.The toy is in your hands
9.Thanks for visiting!
Thank you for visiting my shop! I hope you enjoyed looking at my works designed with careful attention to detail and crafted with love.
                                                                            Ann Shal

about me

Ann Shal is a textile designer. All her works are made of natural materials.


As a child, she liked to make dresses for her dolls. During her high school years, she attended sewing courses, then she worked at the sewing industry for two years.


After graduating from the University of Design, Ann made her first textile doll for her daughter.

Now Ann makes textile toys which are an excellent interior decoration. You can see her works in Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy.

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